You’re remote, I’m remote, everybody is remote!

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It’s been a crazy start to the year, and each month has been more ridiculous than the last! With a few of our clients being put into a state of frenzy as a result of the new working restrictions, we’re being asked some pretty strange questions.

As a successful, remotely focused, engineering company, we are well-equipped for the challenges of an entirely remote workforce. Our clients on the other hand, not always!

I’m hoping that this new shift will see a rise in companies agreeing to remote teams and the ‘work-from-home’ request being part of the norm where possible.

We’ve compiled our top-tips for a successful switch to remote teams:

  1. Stick to a schedule – allow the team to create the schedule, but once it is agreed, stick to it. It’s more productive for the team, and also beneficial for individual well-being
  2. Slack is gold! Those who have spent their careers working remotely are feeling little change, but they are suddenly swamped with more digital conversations and more involvement! Ensure that you have dedicated channels for ‘office-chat’ because it can be very distracting if focused groups are being used for those members who have never had a remote job and need to ‘vent’ about next-door
  3. Encourage engagement. The introverted members of your team are probably going to feel overwhelmed all over again. It’s a challenge to ensure all members are heard equally in physical meetings, this will be the case for virtual meetings too. Ensure everyone gets a fair share and the ‘limelight stealers’ aren’t doing it all over again
  4. Bitesize tasks. Check-in often with the team and ensure everyone is clear on the task. If someone has been quiet for a while, make sure they have work and they understand what is needed for the task. Working in isolation can cause a lot of rabbit-holes;
  5. It can also highlight those members who need a constant watch! It’s very easy to slip into a task that has ‘taken longer than planned’ and while as a team it’s about pulling together, it’s also about ensuring your colleagues are still pulling their weight! Don’t call others out, this is a new world for many, but do ensure they’re motivated enough to get things done
  6. Standups should be strict. If your team aren’t catching up as frequently during the day, it’s possible that standups will slip into general catchups (about the project, or other things) so you may need to schedule 2 daily standups, one in the morning to focus on the tasks, and one towards the end of the day that can be a little less focused to allow everyone to keep ahead of the tasks and challenges of projects as a whole

There are also additional tips, pointers and general best-practices that should already be applied. For a no-strings-attached chat about improving the efficiency of your team in general, or how we can apply automation to your team, please reach out today, we would love to get involved!

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